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High-visibility video module

We propose video modules with improved visibility by direct bonding of touch panels and cover panels, and by laminating low reflection film.

High-visibility video module
High-visibility video module


Direct bonding of the touch panel and cover panel to the display eliminates the air gap and achieves high visibility and high contrast.
Form of supply:
We can deliver in the form of a combination of LCD modules and cover materials.
We guarantee the quality as the total module.

Used materials

1) Cover panel
Resin and glass panels are also available.
We will procure them from the manufacturer you specify.
3) Bonding materials
Silicon and acrylic OCA/OCR is available.
4) Film materials
We can propose surface treatment films of various specifications.


High-visibility video module
High-visibility video module

(under development)

Curved panel (under development)

We are also prototyping a direct bonding module using a curved panel with a high design.
Both uniaxial R type and biaxial R type are under consideration.

Curved panel (under development)

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