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Contribute to customers’Value creation with Innovative ideas. President Shoki KOBAYASHI

Our company was founded in 1958 as a sales company for Nitto Denko Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of adhesive tapes and insulating materials. Over the 60 years since then, the market has changed with the times and the needs of our customers have also changed greatly. But we have grown by continuing to be dedicated to "responding to the voice of our customers with sincerity".

For example, if a customer's requirements cannot be met by the existing product line alone, we can use our trading company function to provide pinpoint and appropriate proposals though our global network, or we can use our processing manufacturer function to respond to requests for "more user-friendly shapes". Each function still forms the core of our business. In addition, we have developed our sales offices and factories in various parts of the world in response to our customers' overseas expansion, and thanks to our customers' support, we are now widely supported by not only Japanese companies but also local users in each country.

In this way, we have created new value together with our customers and have always walked with them.

Based on the changes in the environment surrounding our company, the sustainable growth and development of the global environment and human society will be the foundation on which our company stands, and we will create economic value and solve social issues while placing ESG at the center of our management. We aim to become a sustainable company by

Under the management philosophy of the Nitto Group, "Contributing to Customer Value Creation with New Ideas," we will continue to take on challenges together with our customers and business partners and hope to become a company that contributes to the sustainable development of society.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to patronize the Nissho Group in the future.

Representative Director and President Shoki KOBAYASHI

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