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3D processing and 3D trimming technology

3D processing technology

We process sheet/form materials into 3D shape. Especially, insulating sheet or BOPET is bad in flexibility and not suitable for vacuum molding. We feature processing technology of those materials.
Also, we process combining materials such as double-adhesive tape into 3D shape.

Double-adhesive tape with non-woven fabric

Acrylic foam double-adhesive taope

Artificial leather

High reflection resin sheet

PE foam

Woven fabric

Carbon textured film

Metal textured film

Insulating sheet

Artificial leather + PP cushion material

3D trimming technology

We can trim processed 3D products while retaining 3D shape. Normal trimming with thomson die can only press on a flat surface.
Our 3D trimming can cut off unnecessary parts while retaining 3D processed shape, which enables an ideal 3D film production.

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