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3D forming insulation film

With our unique methods, we can process insulating papers and heat-resistant films which are potentially difficult to form.
We allow a high degree of design freedom, made possible by our 3D trimming. We produce insulating molded parts with a thickness which can’t be ahieved by injection molding.


3D insulating paper


Biaxially extended PET film


We can process 3D molded parts with materials that have been potentially difficult to form such as insulating papers, which is widely used in car motors, and PEN film, which has a high heat resistance.
These materials are used for insulation inside PCUs of hybrid cars and battery chargers of PHVs.


  • Reducing interspace insulation = Contributing to the miniaturization of equipment.
  • Minimizing distances between bus bars = contributes to the efficiency of equipment.
  • It contributes to the improvement of the assembly workability.
  • We can produce light and thin covers to protect circuit boards from conductive particles.

Materials we can propose

  • Insulating paper
  • Biaxially extended PET film
  • PEN film
  • Other heat-resistant films(please contact us)

Please contact us about;

  • Minimizing the distance of interspace insulation between circuit boards and chassis.
  • Trouble with conductive particles such as metal powder falling on the substrate.
  • Improving assembly workability by using bent insulating paper.
  • Insulation of products such as bus bars with injection molding and other methods.

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