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3D PE foam

We can process an inexpensive PE foam board materials etc. into 3D shape.
It can give shape while maintaining lightness, softness and elasticity of the foam. It is ideal for applications of closing the gap exactly, suppressing wind noise etc.
Foam is lightweight and can fill the space. It also demonstrates insulation effect.

3D PE foam
3D PE foam


This is a standard part for the European car door mirror as a gap filling for gasket and wind noise prevention. We realize the production by applying our 3D processing technology.
It is cheaper, lighter, and easier to assemble than the combination of conventional injection molded parts + sponge material.


  • We can reduce the weight of injection molding parts+foam material such as door mirror gasket.
  • When filling the gap with a pressed form product, the foam material is cut into a rectangle and packed in a gap. But in order to fill several places with this method, the number of parts and the labor of ASSY increases. Also the price becomes unexpectedly high and the parts become heavy.
    By changing to this parts, the weight can be reduced and also the cost can be further reduced.

Materials we can propose

  • insulating paper
  • Biaxially extended PET film
  • PEN film
  • Other heat-resistant films(please contact us)

Please contat us about;

  • Light-weight parts for automobile sound countermeasure
  • Needs from European automakers
  • Improvement of current parts
  • Countermeasures for abnormal sounds generated from gaps during driving

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