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It is an LED lamp attached to the interior/exterior of the car and the door mirror, which becomes the light source of the foot light.
We respond to the needs of small size, light-weight, drip-proof etc.
Our performance includes optical design of the lens part, proposal of projection distance and angle adjustment of the lamp.

For Interior

For Interior

For Door (Courtesy Lamp)

For Door (Courtesy Lamp)


  • Adjustment /Design of projection distance, angle, resolution level etc. is possible.
  • Drip-proof and waterproof requirements can be accommodated.
  • It has a track record of automotive.
  • It is small and light-weight.
  • It can be used not only for lighting but also for signage, because it can project beautiful logos and pictures by combining with logo film.

Please contact us about

  • The product sample (We can prepare sample light)
  • The product including logo film
  • Reducing the size and weight of existing products
  • Installing in a courtesy lamp
  • Installing in a door mirror

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