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Trays for transporting automotive parts (for heavy products transportation)

We handle a variety of trays for in-process transfer, temporary storage, and after shipping transportation of automotive parts. We comprehensively design and create trays based on customers' needs by adjusting the shape and thickness as necessary. Tray thickness at a maximum of 5mm is possible, allowing for the conveying of large and heavy products.

Steering column parts

Suspension parts

Engine parts

Injector parts

Gear parts

Engine parts


  • Tray thickness of 0.5mm~5mm is available. Large/heavy loads are also OK We can handle large and heavy products such as engine blocks and metallic shafts.
  • We can meet a variety of needs, including oil-resistant materials, heat-resistant materials, and materials with cushioning functions
  • It can also be used for long-term storage of oil-soaked products.
  • We create tray designs to match the product to be used.
  • We will propose a total package including outer box and other cushioning materials.
  • This service is also available in China.

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