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We contribute to the creation of valuefor our customers with new ideas.

About Nissho

Nissho is....

We manufactures and sells processed products such as films and adhesive tapes, as well as outsourced products, to a wide range of industries centered on the electronics and automotive industries, and is expanding our B to B business globally. We have the functions of a manufacturer that performs clean and high-precision film processing in-house and a network sales function that enables us to procure and supply metal and plastic parts on a global scale with a wide range of materials and excellent technological development capabilities.

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The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century period of change. Technological innovations such as "connected," "automation," "sharing" and "electrification" are advancing rapidly, and we will provide solutions through the One-Team.

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Electronic devices

For key devices installed in smartphones, tablets, flat-screen TVs and other devices, we provide "combination technology" as a value and demonstrate our converting function. We contribute to the downsizing, thinning, high-capacity, and modularization of electronic components and devices.

Nissho products

Medical and healthcare

We provide a wide range of services from sales of medical tapes, biometric sensor components, medical equipment components, and healthcare products to processing of nursing care products.

Nissho products

Manufacturing and processing technology

We have a wide range of processing machines, including press processing machines, laser processing machines, 3D trimming and laminating machines, that can handle a variety of materials to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to the use of conventional general-purpose machines, we are also working on the development of special equipment and new processes for manufacturing and processing that are difficult to handle with current technology.

Base of Nissho

Global procurement capabilities and optimal local production

Utilizing a network that extends to China, East Asia, South Asia, and Japan, we will enhance our supply system to meet all of our customers' needs in a timely manner.

The future of Nissho

We contribute to the creation of value our customers with new ideas.

The Nissho Group will continue to grow together with customers and business partners by constantly striving for new things, and contribute to the creation of value for customers with new ideas.