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Occupational safety basic policy

We will give priority to safety and continuously improve occupational safety for "security of ourselves, peace of mind, security of society".

With the corporate philosophy "Safety takes priority over everything else", the Nissho Group aims to improve occupational safety and health for ensuring safety and health of all employees working at the Nissho Group and safety based society. Eventually we contribute to the sustainable development of society.

  1. We reduce occupational safety and health risks pertaining to the business activities of the Nissho Group to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  2. We continually improve safety and health performance in order to secure safety of products and services, facilities and equipment, materials and technology.
  3. We comply with applicable laws including occupational safety and health, other requirements agreed by the Nissho Group and voluntary standards.
  4. We strive to raise awareness of safety and health through education and enlightenment on occupational safety and health for all people working at the Nissho group.

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